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Real estate is an important component in your private asset strategy.
Whether these are properties you have owned for a long time, newly constructed buildings or properties undergoing revitalisation, questions constantly emerge in connection with your development projects. Partitions and tax-optimised inheritance provisions may be important aspects that have to be dealt with. Take advantage of our special problem-solving approaches and make them part of your asset strategies.

• How valuable is my real estate?
• Are you familiar with the market environment of my occupants?
• What factors influence value?
• Do I need to be solvent for comprehensive investments?
• What real property asset strategy suits my needs?
• What potential for development do my real estate properties have?
• Does the space structure in my properties suit the demands of today's market?

Do you have more questions that we can answer using the individual solutions we have developed during our many years of experience?

• We increase your rentable surface area using special space analyses.
• Our sustainable tenant management increases the value of your real property.
• We professionally manage the selling process to achieve the best possible sales profit.
• Our utilisation concepts and revitalisation measures guarantee sustainable rentability.
• The potential for savings that we elicit for you as well as an optimisation of processes
   increase your liquidity and improve your return on investment.