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Your responsible investment management meets the high demands of your clients and your work involves managing real estate, developing projects, structuring real property capital investments and organising properties from existing portfolios. Operational changes are also necessary in the real estate-related work you carry out. Integrate our special problem-solving approaches into your value-creating strategies.

• What costs can I save?
• What potential does space utilisation provide?
• How valuable is my managed real property?
• How can I best put my portfolio strategy to practice?
• Where do my overheads lie in a benchmark comparison?
• Does my reporting system support holistic management?
• What potential for value enhancement is offered by revitalisation developments?
• What requirements within the life cycle of the real estate do I have to be prepared for?

Do you have more questions that we can answer using the individual solutions we have developed during our many years of experience?

• We increase your rentable surface area using special space analyses.
• We professionally manage the selling process to achieve the best possible sales profit.
• Our sustainable maintenance management increases the value of your real estate.
• The potential we create for savings and our optimisation of your processes increase
   your liquidity and your return on investment.
• Our alternative utilisation concepts create long-term adaptability of properties for use
   by third parties.
• By implementing a portfolio management system, we create transparency in your
   planning and in the handling of your real estate.