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The work we do concentrates on the clear objectives set down by the investor and on the growth of real estate assets. Depending on what has to be done, we take charge of the overall planning, coordination and implementation of the portfolio entrusted to us, the active rental management, the assignment of service sub-contractors as well as the planning and realisation of individual projects.
We accompany transactions throughout the entire process and report on all performances in the gif® reporting standards.
The value-based management of your real estate inventory requires an ongoing analysis of the portfolio, the commercial, technical and infrastructural operating procedures. We draw up marketable reporting standards for long-term planning of the repairs and investments in connection with the forecast rental income. We manage the real estate operating procedures for you, develop your portfolio using jointly defined goals for performance and quality, and we increase the rate of return of your real estate investments.

• Strategy advice and development
• Definition and implementation of performance and reporting standards
• Value-based liaison and support for you real estate
• Sustainable repair and investment planning with respect to technical, legal and economic aspects
• Tenant management and commercial facility management
• Contract management (rent contracts, services, insurances)
• Portfolio management / Property management