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As part of the transaction processes and their preparation, it is essential for the success of a project that the objective qualities of the portfolio and the relevant general conditions be defined in a complex process of analysis and then documented. The multi-dimensional instrument used for this is the due diligence analysis, which highlights both the opportunities and the risks for the real estate portfolio, as well as clarifying in an interdisciplinary way all of the problems and questions related to this from the areas of real estate economics, evaluation, facility management, building services engineering, past pollution, rights and taxes. In this way, a safe and secure foundation is laid down for all of the decisions to be made.

Our scope of examination

Realeis provides the commercial, construction and technical building services-related comprehensive status analysis and documentation, the drawing up of property profiles and PESTL analysis, an examination of the situation regarding legal permits and the planning rights, as well as dealing with further tasks specific to the project. Using our analysis instruments and tools, we organise all of the necessary tasks efficiently and aim at a profitable result.

We take care of both formal checks and analyses (permit situations, requirements, planning law, etc.) and the physical examination of the respective properties. To do this, we have a flexible system made up of different performance modules.