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Building inventories:

We draw up technically and commercially oriented expert reports. In these, the actual situation is ascertained with a view to the target state, taking into consideration construction deficiencies, defects and damage. Space analyses at various levels of detail, rent contract assessments, as well as macro analyses are among the main aspects we focus on. These help you to plan conversion or revitalisation measures, aid you make decisions in buying and selling and are integrated into your long-term budget planning.

Optimising rental space and raster optimisation

A central theme concerning measures to increase value and return on investment is the knowledge about building space structures in connection with different types of utilisation. Here, we place our trust in innovative analysis tools, in conjunction with the most recent market research and scientific findings. Whether revitalisation, new building construction or space allocation in connection with new rent contracts, the right input at the right time is decisive.

The Space Efficiency Pass

To download the flyer: The Space Efficiency Pass

The SEP is based on the detailed knowledge gained from our extensive studies and previous analyses and it enables property owners, investors, portfolio managers, planners as well as real estate brokers and tenants to gain a fast and reasonably priced overview of the most important indicators for commercial properties. We analyse the surface ratio figures and, using our EDP tool, calculate surface utilisation figures per workplace depending on all necessary standards and regulations. The as-is analysis according to MF-G (rental surface for commercial properties) and BGF (gross floor area) per workplace unit is supplemented with the potential formulation using possible fit-out grids to increase the surface area for different room typologies.

The overall evaluation and determination of the surface efficiency category provides you with a clear value with respect to the respective property for project developments, revitalisation measures and asset optimisation. A final evaluation with a conclusion and a proposal for optimising potential round off the SEP and can be gone into in more detail using further structural analyses.